About Us
Our mission is to Love God, Serve Others  and Make Disciples
We are a Southern Baptist Church who proudly supports, the New River Baptist Association, the North Carolina Baptist Convention, and the Southern Baptist Convention
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Pastor Mike Johnston: Senior Pastor
Pastor Mike began his ministry at FBCR in
July of 2019.
He is married to his high school sweetheart Kelly. They have three children: Michael, Shelby, and Abby.
Pastor Stephen Budd: Worship and Missions Pastor
Pastor Stephen has been faithfully serving as our Worship and Missions Pastor since
December of 2019.
He is married to his wife Ashley.
They have 3 children: Camden, Addyson, and Macie.
Pastor Tyler Chesson: Fellowship and Outreach 
Pastor Tyler has been serving as our Fellowship and Outreach Pastor since April of 2021.
He is married to his wife Erin.
They have two children: Daphne and Henry.
Mrs. Jessica Griffin: Financial Secretary 
Jessica Griffin has served as our Financial Secretary since April of 2023.
She is married to her husband Stephen.
They have two children: Cameron and Luke. 
Email: admin@fbcrichlands.com
Mrs. Michelle Davis: Communications & Office Manager
Michelle Davis has served as our Communications & Office Manager since June of 2022. 
She is married to her husband Paul.  
They have two children: Sydney and Elijah. 
Email: fbcoffice@fbcrichlands.com